I've written about some of the interesting cases I've done:

Cullather.  A case about a newer Affordable Care Act tax.

Merdjanoff.  An interesting international tax case.

Sauer.  There was Red Bull involved...

Lawn.  A case of "Innocent Spouse Relief"...

Kosofsky.  Why punctuation matters...

Besides these, I keep track of my success rate in Tax Court so that clients have an idea of what to expect. 

Average reduction per case (dollar amount):  $61,279

Average reduction per case (percentage):  78%

Cases which saw some reduction (percentage):  95%

These of course are only the cases where we had to petition the Tax Court after receiving a notice of deficiency.  Most cases are resolved without having to resort to this, so this table only represents only a small fraction of cases, but it nonetheless gives people an idea of what to expect.  The table does not include cases where the client withdrew or otherwise canceled services.

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