I've written about some of the more interesting cases I've done:

Cullather.  A case about a newer Affordable Care Act tax.

Klimov.  A curious New York City residency audit.

Merdjanoff.  An interesting international tax case.

Sauer.  There was Red Bull involved...

Kosofsky.  Why punctuation matters...

Tax Court Success Rate

Besides these, I keep track of my success rate in Tax Court.  These are petitions filed in response to a notice of deficiency.

Average reduction per case (dollar amount):  $65,782

Average reduction per case (percentage):  76%

Cases which saw some reduction (percentage):  96%

 This table of course only represents one type of dispute, and it doesn't include cases that were resolved with the IRS without the need to file a petition.  (which is most of them)  It also doesn't include cases where clients withdrew or otherwise canceled services.  Nonetheless, it gives a general idea of what to expect.

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