Sophie Kosofsky

Revenge of the Comma

Kosofsky was a case about a $70,000 tax bill that resulted from a punctuation mistake.  (Yep, really)  

Ms. Kosofsky worked in the film industry building movie sets, and she received a 1099 for $750.  However, the director, an Italian, wrote this amount as $750,00. (in Italy, commas are used to separate numerals and decimals instead of periods)  The IRS recorded this as seventy five thousand in income and proceeded to make an assessment and a wage levy.  (which due to address changes, Ms. Kosofsky didn't learn about until it happened)

I was able to fix the matter internally with the IRS and the state agencies by persuading the Collections Unit to grant us a collection hold while an amendment could be processed.  Ultimately, the wrongly garnished funds were returned.

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