Greetings and welcome to my website; my name is Nate and I am a tax attorney. This page is about my law practice in New York and the various things that I help people with, including back taxes, missing tax returns, scary IRS letters, and much more.  I also have an interactive map of my location at 311 West 43rd Street as well as my contact information.

I am a "solo practitioner" - in other words, I work for myself and am not part of any larger firm or company.  I've been in practice since 2011 and have been a tax attorney and a solo practitioner since the beginning.  Prior to getting my law license, I was a piano teacher.  I'm a graduate of Tulane University's law school in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I also lived for many years and was in practice for awhile before relocating to here New York City in 2013.

Feel free to browse more about my services, location, or contact information.   Thank you for visiting my website.