Greetings and welcome to my website; my name is Nate and I am a tax attorney. This page is about my law practice in New York and the various things that I help people with, including tax audits and disputes, back taxes and missing returns, scary IRS letters, New York City and State tax issues, and much more.  I also have an interactive map of my location and the transportation options near me, as well as contact information.

I am a "solo practitioner" - I work for myself and am not part of any larger firm or company.  I've been in practice since 2011 and have been a tax attorney since the beginning. Prior to getting my law license, I was a piano teacher. 

I'm a graduate of Tulane University's law school in Louisiana, where I also did academic research work for the tax department; originally I was in practice in New Orleans for a few years before relocating my office to NYC in 2013.


I typically help people with things like back taxes and missing returns, or with tax disputes with the IRS or New York State.  These matters often involve representing people before the Internal Revenue Service or before state and local tax agencies, and we sometimes end up in court as well; the most common legal action I file is something called a "Petition to Redetermine Deficiency."  There are many different rules under the tax laws, from international taxation to disallowed real estate losses to a taxpayer's options in the collection process.  The right thing to do depends on the specific situation, so feel free to message me about yours.


My office is located at 311 W 43rd Street in Manhattan (between 8th and 9th avenues).  Below is a picture of the building and an interactive map.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me about your particular issue; I can be reached pretty easily online.

(I usually reply to emails in 30 minutes or so during the day).  


646 737 4639


Thank you for visiting my website.