Back Taxes & Missing Returns

One of the most common things I help people with is cleaning up years of delinquent filings.  (don't worry, it's easier than you think)

I also help people who have large tax debts that they can't afford to pay, with a pretty good success rate.

Tax Audits & Disputes

I handle a lot of tax audits; most are fairly easy to resolve, but some end up in Tax Court.

I've also represented people in IRS criminal investigations.

International Taxation

I have a lot of international clients and thus I deal a lot with tax treaties and other international tax rules.

This includes many of the reporting requirements.  (e.g., FBAR, 8938, 3520)

State & Local Taxation

In addition to helping people with IRS problems, I deal a lot with state tax issues, including sales tax and state income tax.

Nate Strand, Tax Attorney

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