In addition to being a tax attorney, I also teach my own LSAT prep classes at my office building in Manhattan, which has a classroom on the sixth floor.  ("LSAT" is the law school admission test)  I've been teaching LSAT for more than ten years; it was fun side job while in law school and continues to be to this day.

Usually I'll do a single 3-hour night class which costs $125 to sign up for.  (with the option to sign up for another one for more practice; they all have unique content)  However, the prep classes vary as to time, date, and length, so the best thing to do is to message me if you're interested, or even if you just have questions about the test and preparing for it.  I usually reply to people 15-30 minutes, at least during business hours.

I've included a book of practice materials for download.  The book has 50 practice LSAT logic games with complete answers and explanations.  Don't have too much fun :)

Nate Strand, Tax Attorney

18 West 18th Street, New York NY 10011

(646) 737-4639