Have you ever done an estate case in Surrogate's Court?  It's so much fun :)  Seriously, you will never have this much enjoyment as litigating an estate case in the Surrogate Court of New York County; even by tax attorney standards, it's a blast.

(we need to have a character we can type to indicate sarcasm....)

This week I'm *hopefully* wrapping up a Surrogate Court case that has gone on way too long.  What is "Surrogate" Court, you ask?  It's a court that conceives a baby for someone who is unable to do so.  Just kidding - it handles the estates of deceased persons.  Our building in New York County has very nice architecture. 

In other news, I am flexing my tax attorney-and-part-time-shipwright skills and working on a model ship to decorate my office; it is a replica of the HMS Victory.  (aka, Lord Nelson's warship at the Battle of Trafalgar)  This is what the transom looks like:

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