July 24, 2022

While I'm of course primarily a tax attorney, everyone with my degree has to take classes on contracts, torts, the Constitution, etc., and so once in awhile I'll help people with some other legalese favor.

Today is one of those days...

When you get sued , you have to file an "answer" to the complaint - otherwise the other party automatically wins; this is known as a default judgment.  Of course, the other party is supposed to "serve" you (deliver a copy of the legal complaint).  (notice I say "supposed to")

I will often find instances where people have a judgment against them and have no idea that they were ever sued; and, of course, a judgment like this can be set aside upon the proper showing of this.  This is what I'm off to do this week in New York City Civil Court, to vacate a default judgment. (hopefully immediately, if I can get the judge to sign off on it)

In other news, I hear our papaya hot dog place on the Upper East Side place is getting demolished.   (Although I like the one in the West Village better anyway...)

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